i595 i5952I-595/SR862 Corridor Design Consultant, From W of 136th Avenue to E of I-95, Broward County, FL:

In 2003, GCME provided geotechnical services for the entire project corridor running along Interstate I-595 (SR 862) with limits beginning west of SW 136th Avenue (approximately MP 0.00) and proceeding east to a point just east of Interstate I-95 (approximately MP 12.00) in Broward County, Florida, a distance of about 12 miles.  The project involved Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) Study of the entire corridor for interstate improvements including ramp re-sequencing, interchange modifications, a new reversible roadway, new collector-distributor roads, bridge replacement and bridge widening.

In 2006, GCME as part of the I-595/SR862 Corridor Design Consultant Team as Geotechnical Sub-consultant, performed all the following task for the largest Public Private Partnership [P3] Project in Florida

Performed field exploration and laboratory testing for proposed Bridge widenings, New Bridges, MSE and Bulk Head Walls, and associated initial engineering report included as part of the RFP package delivered to the shortlisted P3 firms for preparation of their bid package.

The field exploration program included the following:

  • Forty eight (48) @ 85’deep SPT borings for Bridge widening
  • Sixty two (62) @ 85’deep SPT borings for New Bridges/ramps
  • Ninety four (94) @ 100’deep SPT borings for New Reversible Lane Bridge
  • One Hundred twenty eight (128) @ 40’deep SPT borings for Bulkhead Walls
  • Ninety eight (98) @ 40’deep SPT borings for Retaining Walls
  • Roadway borings (5 to 20’ deep) along both sides of I-595
  • Roadway borings (5 to 20’ deep) along both sides of SR84 EB/WB – 10×2 = 20 miles,
  • Permeability Tests along the project corridor

Preparation of the RFP Documents

Preliminary engineering required as per FDOT design standards to develop the Technical Criteria Package for the I-595 P3 project

Provided all Geotechnical Engineering Design reviews of all Geotechnical Engineering Reports prepared by the geotechnical consultant of the concessionaire. Partha Ghosh, P.E. is presently serving as the Geotechnical Task Leader for this project on behalf of FDOT.